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Warrington Pets & Exotics is located in the heart of Warrington in Cheshire, Here at Warrington Pets & Exotics we have a fantastic selection of animals to suit almost anyone. Whilst we have selection of rabbits, mice and hamsters will surely appeal to most small children, it’s our choice of exotic pets that makes this the area’s destination store for reptiles, snakes and amphibians & exotic Mammals and Birds!!

As a responsible seller of so many different types of creatures and birds, Warrington Pets & Exotics ensures our staff are fully trained and up to date with the latest advice for potential owners. This can extend to suitability, feeding requirements and above all, safe and secure accommodation. Our shop sells setups, wood and glass terrariums, incubators and cages as well as lighting and heating units. We are a well stocked shop and all these items are in stock to take away from our store sameday.

The stock varies according to seasons and availability, although they strive to keep most animals in stock at all times. Try us for Mammals, birds, lizards, snakes, tortoises, amphibians and Inverts. as well as a great selection of live and frozen food. Accessories like artificial rain systems, misters, foggers and waterfalls are essentials for many exotic species and our store keeps an excellent selection to suit all budgets.. Come down and see our animals Displays spread over two floors, Lots of great stock and deals to be had, Please call before traveling as stock does change daily and this website is not always fully upto date sorry.

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150 Lovely Lane, 
Opposite Warrington Hospital
Just of the A49

Contact 01925 574307 
Free Parking just outside the door

Please Note: Store Opening Times
Sat 9.30-6pm Sun 10.00-4pm
Tues Wed Thurs Fri 9.30-6pm
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New Animals In Stock for January 2018

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  Image result for Bronze Grass Skinks Image may contain: outdoor

New stock!!!!
Baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs 
mixed Colours Available


New stock!!!!
Bronze Grass Skinks   
?New stock here at WPE!! 

Back in stock!!! 
CB2017 Baby Horsefield Tortoises (Testudo horsfieldii) 

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Image result for blue tail skink  

New stock!!!
2017 Baby 
Asian water monitors in stock now!!


New stock!!! 
Baby bearded dragons  Back in stock here at WPE!! 

Back in stock!!! 
Blue Tailed Skinks
 Back in stock here at WPE!! 

Image may contain: food   Image result for crested gecko Related image

New stock!!! 
2017 Hatch Baby Rough Neck Monitors 


New stock!!!!
2017 Baby Crested geckos 
in stock now 

New Stock!!!
Mixed Morph 
Baby Reticulated Pythons


    Banana Mojave Pastel

Image result for baby blood python

No automatic alt text available.



Lots of NEW!!! 
Ball/ Royal pythons
now in stock 

New Stock!!!

Sumatran Blood Pythons (Captive Bred Baby)

New stock!!!!

Sunglow Boas
Captive bred babies



No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: outdoor

Image result for baby chinese water dragon



New Stock!!!!
2017 Baby Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua gigas)

New Stock!!!
Green Tree Pythons 
Back in stock NOW !!!

New Stock!!!!
Chinese water dragons
Stunning tame babies


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