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Here at Warrington Pets and Exotics we have a great selection of Reptiles..Birds... mammals & fish plus all accessories / equipment backed by Expert and Professional Advice. Come down and see our animals Displays spread over two floors, Lots of great stock and deals to be had, Please call before traveling as stock does change daily and this website is not always fully upto date sorry.

Like us on facebook for upto date pics & videos plus new stock and a quicker respones to all your questions Thanks....Team at WPE 

150 Lovely Lane, 
Opposite Warrington Hospital
Just of the A49

Contact 01925 574307 / 574307
Free Parking just outside the door

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Please Note New Shop Opening Hours 
Sat 9.30-6pm Sun 10.00-4pm
Tues Wed Thurs Fri 9.30-6pm

New Animals In Stock for March 2017

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Captive Bred 2016  Centralian Carpet Python, Morelia spilota bredli 
Common names: Bredl's python



Bearded Pygmy Chameleon Adults (Rieppeleon brevicaudatus)

CB 2016 Brazilian Rainbow Boas
(Epicrates cenchria)

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  Image result for mountain horned dragons Image result for black rat snake

CB16 Albino Golpher Snake
(stunning & tame)
Now in store


Mountain Horned lizards 
(Accanthosaura sp.),

Males & Females  

CB 2016 Black Rat Snakes (Pantherophis obsoletus)

Image result for african pygmy hedgehogs


Image result for baby snapping turtles

Image result for panther cham  

African Pygmy Hedgehogs
(Atelerix albiventris) 
FROM £99.99 each


2016 Common Snapping Turtle 
(Chelydra serpentina) 

Male Panther Chameleons 
Back in stock!! 

Image result for Sugar gliders   Image result for indian ringneck green Image result for leopard gecko morphs

Baby Sugar Gliders
(Petaurus breviceps)
Back in stock now!!!


Young Green
Indian Ring-necked Parrots 

£79.99 each!!

Lots of Leopard Geckos
and Leopard Gecko Morphs in stock now>>


Image result for baby iguana

Image result for baby albino burmese python

Image result for baby sulcata tortoise



Young Green Iguanas 
Stunning colours
OFFER £34.99 each

Captive bred Baby Burmese python (Python bivittatus)

Sulcata /African spurred tortoises 
(Geochelone sulcata)



Image result for tarantula

Image result for rough green tree snake

Image result for baby horsefield tortoise



Huge Range of inverts and amphibs in stock,

CB Rough Green Tree snakes 2016 Hatch 
£44.99 each

Lots of Tortoise in stock
and prices from
as little as £39.99 



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