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Here at Warrington Pets and Exotics we have a great selection of Reptiles..Birds... mammals & fish plus all accessories / equipment backed by Expert and Professional Advice. Come down and see our animals Displays spread over two floors, Lots of great stock and deals to be had, Please call before traveling as stock does change daily and this website is not always fully uptodate sorry.Like us on facebook for upto date pics and stock plus a quicker respones to all your questions  Thanks....Team at WPE 

                               150 Lovely Lane, Warrington, WA5 1PH
                  Contact:SHOP 01925 574307 OFFICE 01925 481712

                             Please Note New Shop Opening Hours 
                            Sat 9.30-6pm Sun 10.00-4pm
                            Tues Wed Thurs Fri 9.30-6pm

                                        We are Closed Mondays.... 
                                        OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK

New Animals In Stock for March 2016


Gorgeous & Tame Baby Mountain Horned Lizards 
now in stock at WPE
£44.99, or £80 Pair


Baby Bosc Monitors in stock £29.99!!
01925 481712 / 574307

Stunning 2016 Baby Frilled Dragons £149.99!


Big range of Ball Python Morphs!!


Stunning Black and White Tegus £249.99 each!!

White Eyed
Crocodile Skinks
£99.99 each



Stunning Red Iguanas
£54.99 each!!


Amazing Carpet Chameleons, both
sexes  in stock

Baby Ferrets Back in stock!!
Please call for more information!


Big bird room full from small birds such as finches/budgies to Ringnecks Quakers and Alexandrines and Parrots!


Amazon Milk Frogs 
£44.99 each!!

Huge Range of
Tortoises here at WPE, 
from as little as £39.99!




2015 Baby Nile Monitors (Varanus niloticus) £54.99 each
Nice and chunky

£10 off Baby
Bearded Dragons
when you purchase
your setup from us!!

Lots of Turtles in stock from £17.99 each!!





Huge Range of inverts and amphibs in stock, please call and speak to Liam for more information!!

£10 off Baby Bearded Dragons when you purchase your setup from us!


     Crested Geckos in
      stock from £49.99!



       Warrington Pets and Exotics & The Pet Centre's Head office and shipping room  

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