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Exo Terra Explorarium 30 x 45cm (ET012)


The Exo Terra Explorarium is extremely easy to set up. Simply remove it from the carrying case, undo the two side buttones, then hang it in your preferred location. 

The durable nylon provides optimal ventilation and allows ultraviolet rays from fluorescent UVB lights, or the sun, to penetrate deep inside the enclosure. 


In the field

The Exo Terra Explorarium is light-weight, compact and extremely easy to set up, making it the favourite tool for herpetologists and researchers in the field. During research, the collected reptiles or amphibians can be kept stress free, within their natural temperature and air humidity range, without the risk of overheating or suffocation. 



The Exo Terra Explorarium provides optimal ventilation which is very important for a number of reptile species such as chameleons. An incandescent light fixture can be easily mounted inside the enclosure. The explorarium can also be positioned infront of windows, without the risk of overheating, as is common with glass terrariums. 



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