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Stam1 Open Top Small Parrot Cage (Cage2)


The top opening design of this Stam1 Cage allows you to provide lots of extra space for your Parrot to climb, perch and play. Simply undo the clip in the centre and open out the two top panels. 

Once they are back far enough you'll find another clip attached to the lower arch section that you can use to secure the top opening sections. Place one of the two wooden perches across, and now your bird has somewhere to play and climb outside their cage. You can quickly add toys and materials to the open top section or the perch itself too. 

Some of the features on the Stam1 Open Top Small Parrot Cage include swing out feeder doors and metal bowls, plus a slide out grille and tray to help with cleaning and maintenance.

The cage sits on wheels so you can easily move it around your home, either from room to room or when you're cleaning.
External Dimensions
Height 132cm (51")
Width 55cm (22")
Depth 46cm (18")

Internal Dimensions
Height 95cm (37")
Width 55cm (22")
Depth 46cm (18")

Bar Spacing 1.9cm (0.75")
Wire Thickness 3mm
Please Note - All dimensions are approximate

3 Wood Perches
2 Swing-out Feeder Doors
2 Metal Bowls
Slide Out Grille and Tray


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