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Vetark Reptoboost (SU023)



Vetark ReptoBoost is a great pick-me-up for snakes, lizards and tortoises. A combination of electrolytes, probiotics, enzymes and vitamins, ReptoBoost does exactly what the name suggests - gives your reptile a boost of energy and hydration to help keep it in great health.

ReptoBoost can be easily added to drinking water or a bath to promote rehydration in dehydrated reptiles. It also often boosts their appetites and energy - particularly useful in the settling routine of new pets.

ReptoBoost contains pH stabilising lactobacillus which live for a short time in the gut, electrolytes which help to replace lost electrolytes in instances of diarrhoea and maltodextrins for continued energy.

The probiotic ingredients of ReptoBoost also combine to establish slightly acidic conditions in your reptile's gut to encourage the restabilisation of flora.

Vetark ReptoBoost is available in two sizes.

For support of stressed animals use 4g (one scoop) / 500ml to drinking water.

At a glance:

  • Probiotic combining bacteria, enzymes, electrolytes and vitamins
  • Easily added to water
  • Ideal for rehydrating reptiles suffering with dehydration
  • Great for supporting reptiles through times of stress
  • Resealable tub for long-lasting freshness
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