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Zoo Med Reptivite without D3 (SU026)



Reptivite without D3, is calcium based to ensure healthy bone growth with the correct 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio. 

Originally developed for the San Diego Zoo to correct soft-shell problems in turtles, it is now used by some of the most respected zoos and animal parks throughout the world. 

The first reptile vitamin to include the complete amino acid complex, an essential component in protein digestion. 

Reptivite without D3, does not contain artificial additives or fillers like soy, yeast, or sucrose. 

Additional Information:

  • U.se 2-3 times weekly on your reptile's food.
  • Reptivite without D3, on food: Dust lightly over vegetables, fruits or turtle paste.
  • Reptivite without D3, on insects: Dust lightly over insects
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