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Deposits paid / taken at warrington pets and exotics & the pet center are for a standard period of seven days (including weekends) we may consider an extension at our own discretion, The deposit, whatever it’s value will have a date of expiration, once this date has come all deposits will be retained and our animal put back up for sale.

 Deposit Taken whatever it’s value will NOT BE REFUNDED IF A ANIMAL HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF SALE...........SO DONT ASK

It is exceedingly difficult to guarantee a reptile for any great length of time. Due to species specific requirements of each animal some can be guaranteed longer than others whilst a few at non guarantee-able. We buy are animals form the best UK and European breeders and dealers our  livestock is cherry picked by us. All livestock sold is feeding, drinking, and as far as we can determine in good health so standard guarantee provided by warrington pets and exotics and The pet center is for a period of 48 hours after purchase .
Refunds will only be given on goods proven to be faulty upon production of a receipt. It is the persons responsibility to request a receipt at the point of purchase.
Refunds will not be given because a customer has changed their mind about an animal or if their financial circumstances have changed thats not our fault so be sure.
Refunds will be given on animals which have died within seven days (inc weekends) after purchase upon production of a full specialist veterinary report where warrington pets and exotics are solely implicated on paper.
Refunds will automatically be payable if the animal has deceased within 48 hours after purchase as long as the claim is not deemed invalid due to apparent negligence on the part of the new owner.
Refund are never given on light bulbs, all bulbs are tested prior to sale. The average lifespan of a bulb is an estimate and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
Any Complaints to be emailed to enquiries@warringtonpetsandexotics.com and allow 5 working days for a response while we look into your complaint.