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Here at warrington Pets & Exotics we have a great range of birds in store backed up with professional advise, great selection of cages to suit your birds needs, we also stock toys, treats and cage furnishings etc, we stock products like breeding boxes and nesting materials, feeders drinkers for cages and aviary's etc, plus all your feeding requirements, all under one roof spread over two floors!!!


Common Mynah Birds £174.99 each
Baby Green Ringnecked Parrot £119.99 each
Baby Blue Ringnecked Parrot £169.99 each

Grey/green Ringnecked parrot £169.99 each
Grey Cockatiels £54.99 each
White Faced Cockatiels £69.99 each
White Faced Pearl Cockatiels £74.99 each
Green Quaker Parrot £124.99 each
Maroon Belied Conures £99.99 each
Yellow Sided Conures £109.99 each

Celestial Parrotlet green £55.00 each
Celestial Parrotlet Blue £65.00 each
Mixed Peach faced lovebirds £64.99 a Pair
Lutino Peach faced lovebirds £79.99 a Pair
Fisher lovebirds £69.99 a Pair
Single Lovebirds £42 (must prove you have another LB)
Baby Exhibition Budgies £14.99 Mixed Colours 
Baby Budgies Mixed Coloured £24.99 each
Spice finch £24.99 each
Mixed Mutation Zebra Finches Females £19.99 each
Mixed Mutation Zebra Finches Males £19.99 each
Bengalese Finches £45.00 a Pair
Silverbills £24.99 each
Bicheno Owl Finches £79.99 PR
Fife Canaries Green £22.99 each
Fife Canaries Variegated/clear £27.99 each
Mixed Frilled Canaries £24.99 each

Red mosaic/Red Factors Canaries £29.99 each
Diamond Doves £18.99 each

Baby African Grey Parrots £1,600 each ready soon (cites and Rung)
Hand tame budgies £44.99 each

2019 Baby Alexandrine Parrots tame £549.99 each
2019 Baby Green Cheek Conures Tame £289.99 each
2019 Baby Pineapple/ Yellow sided  Conures (Green Cheek) Tame £299.99 each
2019 Hand Tame Mixed coloured Baby Cockatiels £179.99 each
2019 semi-Tame Mixed coloured Baby Cockatiels £99.99 each
transportation boxes £2.50

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