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1)by mark stocks  

DON'T go if you're claustrophobic as it gets a tad crowded at times. DO go if you care about your animals and appreciate a friendly and professional service. Lee  knows his stuff and customer care is second to none,

2)by steve p added 

This shop is great but very very busy, staff are friendly but they need to keep an eye on all . the shop stock  well set out n very manic.

3) by paul n fiona 

FANTASTIC:- top quality stock, warm friendly advice bends over backwards to help. What more do you want!

4) by jake p

I went there today and it was very busy it was nice to think that a shop like that is well known and used. it''s a well set out shop with a huge variety of reptiles,

5) by paul Dobson 

I would like to let it be know that I bought 2 bearded dragons from another supposedly specialist reptile shop (big mistake)no names.
If only I had gone to WARRINGTON EXOTICS first, I would not have wasted money on the wrong type of set up for these reptiles, that nearly ended up in one of them dying. Things are good now & I do not think that I could ever thank lee enough; they go beyond the call of duty with their help, advice, BIG THANKS GUYS A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+ 

6) by mike tasker 

good shop, nice stock. worth a visit

7) by Ron from Irlam

Well worth a trip NOT like some others SH~T holes really impressed with everthing i seen and heard im not a expert but know a fair bit, keep it up WARRINGTON PETS>

8) by steve "snake" 

Great shop to visit nice blokes and all animals kept well very helpfull (sexing my snakes for me keeps them busy)always something new i always spend far to much when i visit.

9) by kenny cook 

This shop is kept beautifully, has excellent stock, and knowledgable staff.. I rate is as one of the best in the northwest.

11) by paul Notts 

i got my gecko from a friend who just wasnt bothered about her, so i have had quite a few Questions which lee and is staff where really happy to help ;>)

12) by  Mrs Moorecroft  

I was looking into buying a bearded dragon for my son ( and his farther)  for christmas and lee and all the staff at warrington exotics where great & gave me all the advice needed a care sheet to read  and the best of all there getting it all ready for xmas eve, BIG thanks to you all.

13) by shirly  S

Finally got my other half to get me a tortoise, lee was a great help in everyway as he put together the tortoise table and got it all ready  for us would recomend to all.

14) by your new freind lol (john) 

I bought a iguanna yesterday  and he''s not had a problem settling in at all he was very tame and eating from our hands thanks again, lee i will see you next sunday

15) by Dan C

Stunning shop well set out and animals really look at home in there well setup homes big thumbs up to you all and my hoggy's are doing great.

Hi just to say how inpress me and my partner where when we come to buy our baby bearded dragon off you lastweek your shop is out of this world by far the best in the whole northwest you beat them hands  down really inpress how clear and tidy the shop was and have healthy the reptiles are and how friendly everyone is, thank you.Verry  

16) by phillip Mc

i came to your shop today and i was very impressed with how clean it was and all the different choice of reptiles there is thay are all very cheap compared to other reptile shop i have been to even the bugs are  cheap and you get loads ALIVE, i will be coming back very soon and thank again for all the good advise u gave me thank.

17) by Norma H

Comments = Hi! I bought a bearded dragon and what impressed me most was the ''vetting'' I got from the girl who served me.
I was thankful that the employee didn''t just want to sell and take the cash, she actually wanted to know that the animal was going to someone who actually cared about it. She asked lots of questions about my setup and knowledge of care, told me additionally details about what was lacking and gave good, sound advice. For me  a ''rookie'' herp buyer, this is one of the best shops around. I cannot recommend the shop enough. Many thanks for your sound advice and obvious corcern for the animals. Norma

18) by Michelle Hallam 

wot a brilliant shop, it is highly recommended as i went there for some much needed advice when a bearded dragon i bought from another so called reptile shop was poorly, lee was on hand everytime we went in for advice, the lizard died. We just went to lee''s (WARRINGTON EXOTICS) and bought a new german giant, lee''s member of staff phil was very helpful in assisting us with our lizard, thankyou we will be back shortly THANKS AGAIN WHAT A SHOP (LIKE A ZOO).


 19) by sean hennessy 

Hello Lee, it''s Sean who bought the kingsnake and hognose. I''m just mailing to say they are both doing excellent and I am thankful for your service. I got them both sexed; they''re both female. If I am ever after another more exotic species I will definitely pop in.
All the best, Sean.

P.S. Thank Charlotte for going through that 40 minutes with my kingsnake stuck on her finger :)

 20) by  robert clark 


21) by Robert Jones 

Comments = Hey, I got my Royal Python from you guys at the end of august, he/she is doing great so far no problems what so ever. However when I bought her I was told I could just bring her in to be sexed just wondering if that service was still available. Thanks in advance Robert Jones

22) by John Clarke 

Hi,My name is John Clarke and I visited your shop this afternoon.
Being in the customer service industry myself I understand how difficult it is dealing with customers at times.  However this afternoon I would like to thank you and your staff for such a pleasurable experience.  
I have a deep interest in snakes and am looking into courses to further my knowledge ( as well as the constant reading I am doing!!) and I was requesting advice on moving on from my corn snakes up to a more advanced snake type.  All your staff were excellent today and especially a guy called Josh I think.  He had fantastic knowledge and was incredibly helpful and service like this is hard to find.  I Just wished to thank you guys for the help given and I will be back shortly to purchase the kit and new snake I eventually decide upon......what a choice!  
Again thanks  and I will be back soon for more advice and a new snake.
Kind regards John Clarke

23) by stuart & paula perrin

hi guys just like to say a big thankyou for all the great info & advice , we have a bearded dragon
after being thrown in at the deep end  knowing nothing about this reptile you gave us all the advice we needed
in the end we ended up buying a vivarium set up from you .
once again a big thankyou to Lee and the rest of the staff . we will recomend you to anyone great shop and everyone is prepaired to listern and
help in anyway they can !!!! with great thanks stuart & paula perrin

24) by Emma h 

We bought 2 Royal Ball pythons for my husbands birthday, we were able to pick from a good selection and were allowed to hold the snakes before deciding to buy. Staff were friendly and helpful. We were worried about one of the snakes when we got home and so we called up and were offered some good helpful advice and now our snakes are very happy and settled into their new home. We love your shop and just wish there was one closer to us, we travelled from Stoke-on-Trent to come and buy our snakes from you and will come again, many thanks, Emma H

25) Yvonne added 

Hi Lee
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I hope Josh passed on my message that all the snakes had arrived safely and also how pleased I am with them all.

They have all settled in well into their new habitats and have had their first feeds with me. I am delighted to be able to report that all of them ate well. That Mexican Black kingsnake has a voracious appetite, doesn't it?! Good to see. It's a beautiful snake.

Thank you so much for such excellent service all the way through, I really did appreciate it. I hope to do business with you again some time - especially if you acquire any more garter snakes or a gopher snake (any colour)! I would also be interested in acquiring a baby Mexican Black.

All the very best

by Yvonne
26) Sam added


I would like to say how fantastic the staff in your shop are, I came in to purchase a bearded dragon and i knew nothing about them, i was approached by a young lad called Dylan who was fantastic, his knowledge was great, and he helped me alot!!!! Another lad came over, called Josh who again was fantastic!!! Both were so helpful and kind, and took the time to talk to me and answer all the questions i needed answering!!! We have also got a tarantula and a corn snake fron your shop, and again were treated like we werent an inconvienience and we were valued customers!!
My Mum wont go to any other shop, and recommends you to anyone who wants to buy an exotic animal! She has high praise for Tom, Lee, Charlotte and the 2 boys mentioned above, and always tell people to ask for any of those!!!!!  Well done to Lee and the team, a job very well done!!!!

Regards Sam

 27) By Phil Jones

I entered Warrington Pets & Exotics on 21/10/2011 as I was looking to get a bearded dragon, I was assisted by Karl Noone who helped me to sort out a complete vivarium set up for a bearded dragon ( at a great price ), I was impressed with his knowledge of setting up the perfect Eco-system for my beardie. I went home and set the vivarium up checking the temperatures were correct. I returned to the shop 25/10/11 to actually get my Bearded dragon, again it was Karl who helped me along with Tom. I found the whole experience of acquiring the equipment and my Beardie from Warrington Pets & Reptiles very enjoyable and would highly recommend them to anybody.

Cheers Phil 


28) A very kind review from a customer 

From -ann lawler email beddybear90@hotmail.co.uk
To warringtonexotics@hotmail.co.uk

I have nothing but praise for Warrington pets and exotics. i have bought 3 leopard geckos from here 2 were sub adults and one was a proven breeder female and a mbk. all three geckos were in top health and passed the health checks with flying colours so does the snake who do

es not stop eating! the staff are knowledgeable, fantastic and enthusiastic. they let people hold their potential pet and check it over for themselves. the owner is often on hand to help and he will try to find a particular reptile that you want if her does not stock it. if you want a healthy pet lizard or snake go here.  
29) Paula FODEN
Fabulous store, well stocked & all pets in excellent set ups. Very helpful & knowledgeable. We got a baby Leopard tortoise & full set up. Sidney is a gorgeously cute addition to our family.

Michael Corcoran
Great shop, very knowledgable staff, who are not overbearing or judgemental, great prices, very healthy stock, and good selection.

Ryan Shillitoe
Lovely place and have a wide range and variety on sale love it when i go here i feel like a kid in a candy shop
32) Josh Stanger
Bought my bearded dragon from here 6 years ago great service over the years
five Star, Such an amazing selection of animals. I’ll never go anywhere else for my pets :)

SkillMakers 101
Bought my snake from here 3 years ago he was tiny now huge . He was a fantastic eater from start and was very healthy. They let us look at lots and hold while choosing and this one shot up my sons arm and sat there so we knew he was the one . Was so tiny not 5ft long and huge . Very healthy and very friendly he’s my baby
34) david dougherty
Great staff very helpful
Answer any questions you may have.

Cory Fairhurst
Great staff, super friendly and so helpful! Great range of animals and products.
36) chris deakin
Very friendly and helpful staff, the quality of the animals is excellent. Will be going back in the future for another parrokeet.
37) paddy Lawson
Really good shop quality stock, well cared for just remember they like proof of set up including thermostat before you buy any of the exotics, which In itself proves the commitment to the welfare of the animals they sell,

Alison Maxwell
Bought our delightful little hedgehog today after much research. From start to finish the staff were warm welcoming and extremely knowledgeable, nothing is too much trouble for them we have been visiting the store for sometime to get our reptile supplies. Our little man has clearly been well cared for and i cant thank you all enough.
39) Lee Massingham
This place was better than I expected I went there to buy a ball python and they showed me quite a few to choose from and helped me until I had the perfect one for me and she's healthy with no signs of medical conditions or mites and eats every meal straight away, I got very good service I would certainly shop again and recomend to friends.
40) Neil Ryding
This is a great place! I have just got a tortoise and it turned out that he had not been given the right set-up with both heating and lighting amongst other things. Having not previously kept one I was not prepared for what needed to be done to make the tank fit for purpose. I was not in a good place when I came into the shop after picking him up that day but the service I have received from both Lee and Gem has been fantastic. They have given great advice and Lee has fitted the tank out for me with the heat and UV lamps. I am not a practical person and would have really struggled with this. This really was invaluable to me. I am now in a much better position to give my new pet the life he deserves. I will definitely be going back here for the things I will need going forward for my tortoise. I cannot rate them highly enough and would strongly encourage people to visit here to make sure their pet is getting all they require to live a happy life.

41)Michael Plant
Left Dobby (our baby bearded dragon) here for 18 days whilst in Cyprus. First time I have used boarding. They asked the right questions when I dropped him off, which made me feel right at ease. Picked him up, and he looked great. Price was perfect. Would definitely use this service again!!!