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NON-Tame Bird Stock List (tame at the bottom) 
Baby Alexandrine Parrots £399.99 each 
Green Ring-necked Parrot £219.99 
Blue Ring-necked Parrot £269.99 
Grey Ring-necked Parrot £269.99 

Baby Green Cheek Conures £289.99 each 
Baby Grey Cockatiels £119.99 
Baby Pied Cockatiels £129.99 
Yellow/Lutino Kakariki £89.99 each 
Cremino Kakariki £89.99 each 
Pineapple Green Cheek Conures £319.99 
Mixed mutation (colours) Green Cheek Conures £289.99 
Maroon bellied Conures £299.99 

Mutation Coloured Peach faced lovebirds £84.99 each 

Mixed masked lovebirds £64.99 each  
Baby Budgies Mixed Coloured £34.99 each 

Celestial Parrotlet Green £84.99 each  
Celestial Parrotlet Blue £94.99 each 
Yellow fife Canaries £41.99 each 
Intense Red Canaries £54.99 each  
Dimorphic Orange Canaries £47.99 each 
Normal Diamond Doves £29.99 each 
Silver Diamond Doves £34.99 each 
Cherry Finch £44.99 each  
Orange Star Finch & Red Star Finch £69.99 a PR 

Orange Cut throat & Red Cut throat finch’s £69.99 PR 
Mixed Mutation Zebra Finches Females £24.99 each 
Mixed Mutation Zebra Finches Males £22.99 each  
Manakin Finch £24.99 
Silver bill Finch£24.99 each 
Carry Home Boxes £1.50 & £3.00 
Semi tame Baby Blue Ring-necked Parrot £289.99  
Semi tame Baby White Ring-necked Parrot £289.99  
HR Stunning Mutation Green Cheek Conures £499.99 each 2 left 
HR Stunning Baby Kakarikis £189.99 each nice colour’s x 2 left 


You will be asked to show images/proof of suitable cage for your new bird, this is due to local authority licensing rules and us caring for our livestock. 

No products currently found - Please check back later.