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Warrington pets and exotics
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Returning unwanted goods

Restocking charge of 20% will be applied at Warrington Pets & Exotics discretion for unwanted goods returned in their original protective packaging for unwanted goods,

Due to stock replenishment / over stocking in our stores.

Should you wish to return items that are faulty, please ensure that,


  1. . You have a valid problem with the product and there is fault with the item.
  2. You have retained your receipt for proof of purchase (it’s the persons responsibility to request a receipt at time of purchase)
  3. Livestock cannot just be taken back as we have Quarantine livestock so be sure before you buy!!! And please research your new pet and doesn’t impulse buy!!!
  4. Replacements/Refunds will be offered if your case seems to be genuine.

Any Complaints to enquiries@warringtonpetsandexotics.com ,
please allow up to 7 working days for reply.