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Animal rescue at the Northwests leading Pet Store


Sometimes circumstances dictate that an animal is in need of rescue or Rehome. This might be because it is abandoned, mistreated, escaped, or in need of medical attention or simply no longer wanted due to house move/ marrage breakdown or allergies, Rescues are given rehabilitation at our premises. If we cannot house them because they are to large, we work in conjunction with other larger rescue centers, specifically catering to birds/Mammals and reptiles. Rehoming happens when an animal needs to be found a good home, for whatever reason.


We guarantee that all animals go to the right homes - and we do not make a profit from doing so. We only rehome animals and charge a rehome fee to help cover cost like - feeding, sustrate, heating, cleaning, etc

 Our promise

We promise that the most important thing to us is the wellbeing of any animal entrusted into our care. We promise to get it adequate veterinary treatment, despite the cost. We will keep the animal in the best possible environment and use all our expertise to guarantee it has a future. We promise that we will never sell any animal that comes to us. If a rehoming fee is charged, it is only used to offset feeding, heating, cleaning, substate, etc.


If you have any animal that needs rehoming or rescue, please let us know. We will not hold your reasons against you, nor blame anyone for the health of a reptile - our only priority is the welfare of the animals.