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CB Baby Horsfield Tortoise

UK C.B Baby Horsefield tortoises 6-7cm £149.99 each or £99.99 when you buy with a full setup

Captive bred baby Horsfield tortoise.

See full description below.

call the store for more info 01925 574307 ask staff for offers and care


Horsfield Tortoises are very easy speices to care for and breed very easily due to their small size and very hardy nature. They can be kept in a tortoise table or vivarium (ask) and can be put outside in summer months when its warm.

All tortoises are cold blooded reptiles that need heat to function. Horsfields require a basking hotspot temperature of 85F-92F during the day. At night time the temperature should between 70F-75F.
These tortoises come from hot and dry areas where the air humidity is low.

They also require Ultra Violet lighting (UVA and UVB) for at least 12 hours a day, this stimulates appetite, activity and promotes vitamin D3 synthesis which tortoises need to absorb calcium and for healthy growth.

A multi-vitamin supplement must be added to their daily diet (Nutrobol/Calcium Powder). A good mixture of plants, vegetables and a complete pellet food will ensure your tortoise has a well balanced diet. Fresh food should be given everyday. 

Tortoises drink very little water. They should be bathed in a shallow dish of fresh warm water at least twice weekly. 

We have personly found that straw bedding the best substrate to use for Horsfield as if itis eaten it will easly pass through as food...as its made from straw, easy to clean too. Droppings can be picked out daily and cleaned out fully every 2/3 weeks / when necessary.

Horsfield tortoises can hibernate although we do not recommend to for the first 3-5 years or if they are not the correct weight and size. 

We have complete starter kits that include everything you need to care for your Horsfield tortoise.

Origin: Central Asia
Enviroment: Desert
Tempretures: Day: ambiant 75F + Hotspot 85-92F / Night: 70/75F
Humidity: Low
Size as adult: 18-20cm
Food: Herbivore

Difficulty: Beginner
Life Span : 50-75 years or more

A sales recipt and care sheet will be included when purchasing your tortoise with all the information you need to care for it. We are also on hand everyday for help and advice if you need itand we also care for your animal in store when your are on holiday (ask about our pet boarding sevice