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ET Incubator Box, (INC3.)


ET Incubator Box, Pt2443

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The Exo Terra Incubation Box makes incubating reptile eggs safer, less complicated and improves hatch rates. The Exo Terra Incubation Box is based on the Suspended Incubation Method, meaning the eggs will be suspended in a specifically designed tray above water or substrate, not embedded in a moist substrate. This method not only ensures maximum gas exchange between the permeable egg membrane and the surrounding air in the container, it also allows the eggs to absorb sufficient moisture from the ambient humidity in the container.  Improves Hatch Rates! ? Holds up to 12 eggs  Suspended Incubation Method allows Substrate-less Incubation ? Ensures constant and sufficient humidity  Easy-to-use; no more hassle to maintain correct substrate humidity  Substrate-less, hygienic incubation method helps prevent moulding of the eggs  Eliminates the risk of impaction in hatchlings  Made from safe, non-toxic food grade polypropylene  Durable and easy to disinfect  Integrated thermometer to check the temperature inside the egg incubation box  Clear Incubation Box allows monitoring of the eggs without opening the lid  Facilitates candling of reptile eggs  Rectangular shape utilises the space inside your incubator more efficiently  Perfect for use in the Precision Incubator PRO