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Flight Cage - Antique (Cage4)


The  Flight Bird Cage provides plenty of space for your smaller Parrot to stretch their wings and exercise. 

Cleaning and maintaining your bird's Flight Cage is made easy with a large front door for access, and a pull-out grille and tray. Plus, it sits on castors so it can easily be moved.

It comes with four feeding dishes that can be added or removed without the need to open the main door. This means less stress for your bird.

As standard, the powder paint coat finish is high quality and toxin free.
External Dimensions
Height 150cm (62")
Width 77cm (30")
Depth 55cm (22")

Internal Dimensions
Height 95cm (37")
Width 74cm (29")
Depth 48cm (19")

Bar Spacing 1.2cm (0.75")
Wire Thickness 2mm
Please Note - All dimensions are approximate

2 Wood Perches
4 Metal Bowls
Slide Out Grille and Tray


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