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Black Gemma Top Opening Small Parrot Cage with Stand (Cage..)


This improved Black Gemma Parrot Cage comes complete with an elegantly styled metal stand fitted with castors, making it easy to move around your home or during cleaning and maintenance, as well as looking nearly as pretty as Polly.

The cage has a drop down front door for easy access, stainless steel feeders, wood perches, and a slide out tray and there is also a storage shelf underneath so you can keep all essentials close by.

The top opening sections can be used alongside one of the wood perches supplied to create a place for your Parrot to perch and enjoy the view. You can easily attach a few toys to either the perch or the bars creating a fun play area.

Each Gemma Parrot Cage also comes with a basic tool kit for self assembly and a booklet with easy-to-follow instructions so you can build your Parrot's cage quickly and easily. 

Height - 146cm (57.5")
Inside Height 58.5cm (23")
Width - 51cm (20")
Total Depth - 50cm (19.75")

Bar Spacing 14mm - 16mm
Bar Thickness 2.5mm - 3.5mm

***Please Note All Cage Dimensions Are Approximate***

Cage Accessories
Number of Feeders - 2
Number of Perches - 2

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